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Sex injuries

What are the most common injuries during sex?

Was medical treatment required? Did they tell the doctor the truth?

We surveyed over 14,000 people over our entire network of dating sites and apps (fetish, general, casual and more) and asked:

  • Have you been injured during sex?
  • What part(s) of the body were hurt?
  • Did you require medical attention?
  • Did you lie about what happened to the doctor?
All content, data and graphics can be used without permission for your websites, blogs, articles, tv shows, radio shows etc. If you mention as the source that would be amazing but we understand that it is not always possible.

Sex injury infographic

All of the results are displayed on the following infographic, check it out and once you are up to speed on the stats we will go into more detail.

Sex injuries infographic

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Have people been injured during sex?

The table below shows the splits between gender.

GenderYes (injured)No (not injured)

Types of sex injury

Of those people that said they had been hurt the table below shows each injury type and the frequency of occurrence for males and females.

Head injury10%8%
Eye injury5%4%
Mouth injury 11%7%
Broken arm wrist 3%2%
Broken leg foot2%2%
Broken ribs2%2%
Broken nose2%2%
Pulled muscles sprains18%21%
Got something stuck inside you6%3%
Friction burns (carpets etc)27%30%
Friction burns (genitals)13%18%

Did they seek medical help?

Were the injuries sustained serious enough that medical help was required?

GenderYes (medical required)No (no medical help)

Did they lie to the doctor about what happened?

At the doctors or hospital were they honest about what really happened?

GenderYes (lied)No (didn't lie)


Accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, especially in the throes of passion but it would appear women are at a much higher risk of getting hurt. Is this because men are on top more than women? Are the men more clumsy or get carried away?

Head Injury:
When it comes to getting frisky, it seems like head injuries can be more than just a figure of speech! In the game of passion, both ladies (10%) and gents (8%) are prone to these accidental mishaps. It's no surprise that these incidents often involve some serious head-banging action, whether it's an enthusiastic clash of skulls or a rendezvous with that oh-so-appropriately named headboard. Who knew that a bedside table could become a not-so-romantic partner in crime? So, next time you're getting steamy, keep an eye out for those perilous perils lurking around the bedroom, because even the throes of passion can't protect you from an unexpected head encounter!

Eye Injury:
Eye injuries during sex are relatively less common but still pose a risk. Females experience eye injuries at a rate of 5%, while males have a slightly lower rate of 4%. We don't recommend donning a pair of safety goggles as that may be a mood killer. So, while keeping your eyes on the prize is important just don't get them fingered or poked.

Mouth Injury:
Mouth injuries affect females more frequently, with a rate of 11%, compared to males at 7%. What on earth could be making that disparity? Digging further into that question could result in a bit of a mouthful.

Broken bones
WTF are 2-3% of couples up to? Has the majority of the population missed something? Breaking the ice is really all that should be broken and of course a few hearts along the way!

Pulled Muscles/Sprains:
When it comes to getting steamy, pulled muscles and sprains can be an unfortunate side effect for both genders. Males (21%) seem to bear the brunt of these amorous accidents, just slightly more than females (18%). As expected, these common mishaps can put a damper on the mood. Remember, folks, before diving into the depths of passion, a good warm-up routine is essential. It's all about staying flexible and avoiding those unexpected twists and turns in the pursuit of pleasure!

Foreign Objects:
Both males and females experience incidents involving foreign objects stuck inside the body, with females at 6% and males at 3%. This injury has got to be the hardest one to fib your way through at the hospital. No one is going to believe that you were gardening naked at the allotment, tripped and fell on your vegetable patch! It's best to walk into the waiting room as best you can and remain standing!

Friction Burns:
Friction burns are more prevalent among males (30%) compared to females (27%) and are the most common injury sustained during sex. As Woody Allen said, 'Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast!'


Look after yourself out there, safe sex is more important than ever. We don't expect you to persform a full risk assessment and cone off hazardous areas, just slow down a bit!

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