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Is your fetish dating really free?

When Googling the competition to Bondage Pal today I noticed many sites listing free bondage and fetish dating but after reading their terms and conditions their sites were not 100% free. They are free to join but you have to pay to use. We would consider this far from free. At Bondage Pal we are 100% free.

Company created profiles

Some paid sites create profiles that are computer driven or owned by members of staff. These profiles are generally female members and the scripts or staff target genuine male members with messages and attention. The idea is to get these men to pay to upgrade their membership. Most sites that do this will explain it within their terms and conditions which most people will not actually read. The terms and conditions may justify the activity as a way to increase overall user interaction or to offer entertainment value.

This type of profile doesn't exist on our site. We are free so their is no incentive or reason for us to do this to you.

Free to join

Almost all fetish dating sites are free to join, in fact I could not find one that required a payment to get through the front door. The issue I have with free to join sites, which you may also have, is they clog up search engines. If you search for 'free bondage dating' almost all the results are in fact not actually free sites! European law is being brought in to stop this false advertising / consumer confusion. The ideas is if the site is free then you can use the word free. If it is not, then you cannot. Until this law is adopted worldwide this will continue to be an issue. However, now you have found you can stop searching for a truly free site!

Share to increase our reach

The size or paid competition is massive. Many paid sites have millions of real members + millions of fake staff / scripted members. If all the genuine people knew about our site and it's totally free and genuine service we would overtake them overnight. So please consider sharing our site and URL with people you know who are into kink and bondage. Thanks!

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