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Advertise with us

We can advertise your products / services within our members area. As this is members area advertising is provides the opportunity to target adverts based on gender, age, location, interests and much more. For example:

Males from the USA with high income and between the ages of 25 to 35.

The levels of advert targeting are likely to the some of the best you will get, combined with high quality members provides you with a unique platform for advertising.

Advertising payments

Our platform is based on Pay Per Click [PPC]. May sites offer CPM solutions which attracts low quality, tacky adverts and unknown costs. With PPC you know exactly what each visitor is going to costs meaning there are no hidden surprises. Quality for a advertisers and members is paramount to Rates vary primarily on gender and country.

Advertising platforms

Over 70% of our traffic is from mobile and tablet devices. You can choose from both a mobile and/or desktop delivery platform.

Full page adverts

We can also provide full page adverts which appear during the navigation of the site. These are ideal to get more detailed information across to your audience. These are offered on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Bespoke intergrations

Finally, we can also offer advertisers something very special. We can tune adverts based on direct user information from our database such as adding user names or cities to make each advert personal. We can also provide API integration to provide automatic 1 click sign ups to your own sites and systems.

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